Thank you for visiting the website of Muslim Women United (MWU) of Richmond, Virginia. In the spirit of continuing to serve the community and to strengthen the goals and mission of the organization with God consciousness, Muslim Women United has embarked on a new venture, to establish a Women’s Resource Center in Richmond, Virginia.  

We believe that a Women’s Resource Center will help all women and girls to reach their potential goals as career women, wives, and mothers in the community.

The vision of the Women’s Resource Center is to empower women and girls to achieve more. To create space where sisters gather to network and share resources. The mission is to offer access to services in a God conscious environment that will facilitate the empowerment of women.  

The goals are to establish a Women’s Resource Center to address system wide issues affecting women and girls and to provide resource and referral services that will include but is not limited to the following programs:

Life & Social Skills 
Developmental Skills
Art & Cultural Enrichment
Health & Wellness Awareness

MWU has been involved in many ways in the community and the Women’s Resource Center will be another organizational effort to continue the work in a God conscious way.  

In early 2020 we conducted two community awareness sessions to ascertain the needs, concerns and interest of women in the community.  The information gathered from the sessions has helped us to move forward with our plans in establishing the Center and identifying the needs of women in the community.

COVID-19 has impacted our ability to fundraise, however, we are continuing to move forward with identifying the needed services and resources to women in the community.  Soon, God willing, we will have more information to share on our website about the progress of this endeavor.

Again, thank you for visiting the MWU website.
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